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BEK Chemical specializes in the toll devolatilization of low, medium and high viscosity polymers. The company provides a process technology based on thin film vacuum evaporation to devolatilize specality polymers. Starting with a relatively thin material (30% solids) this system is capable of removing the unreacted monomer and solvent to below 200 ppm in virtually all cases and below 100 ppm in many cases. This is achieved with minimal stress on the polymer using short processing times, relatively low temperatures and high rates of heat and mass transfer. This process technology for devolatilization is superior to other more common methods for removing solvents from polymers.


1.   Very low (ppm) residual solvent and monomer levels
2.   Recovered, pure solvent for reuse
3.   No waste products for further separation or disposal
4.   Low temperature processing for thermally sensitive polymers
5.   Tight temperature control with small temperature variations
6.   Low mechanical stress on the polymer
7.   Continuous operation
8.   Short processing times (1 to 3 minutes at temperature)
9.   Low processing costs
10. Safe and convenient product final form (pellets instead of fine powder)


In 1995, BEK Chemical entered the market place by leasing specialized chemical processing equipment. BEK Chemical Process Technologies was incorporated in 1998. The company founder is a chemical engineer with over 20 years experience in thin film processing and process design with a Fortune 500 company.

Please see the following pages for a description of our unique process for product development, piloting, custom and toll manufacturing services.

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