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BEK Chemical Process Technologies, Inc. has equipment specializing in the devolatization of medium and high viscosity polymers.

Here is a partial list of our highly specialized equipment:

  • 10.8 sq. ft Buss Viscon Thin Film counter current polymer processing machine with a 15hp drive.
  • 10.8 sq. ft Buss Filmtruder counter current polymer processing machine with a 25hp drive.
  • Dual, Zenith pumping system complete with flow meters and feedback controls.
  • Zenith polymer pump jacketed, 2in. by 1 1/2in.
  • 2) 31 sq. ft. stainless steel condensers designed for low-pressure drop with integral jacket and level tank, rated for full vacuum and 100F.
  • 2) Magg Vacorex pumps 45/45 jacketed polymer pumps and drives.
  • Vacuum System Kinney KD 130 pressure to 1 Torr
  • 2) Kinney Rotary Piston KSV40
  • Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitters
  • 15 ft. temperature controlled water bath
  • Strand Pelletizer
  • 5 Sterlco Hot Oil Heaters
All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel and ASME stamped where appropriate.

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